What is a Golf Umbrella? Types & Buying Guide

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what is a golf umbrella

A golf umbrella is a large, sturdy umbrella that provides shelter from the sun and rain while playing golf. These umbrellas were originally created for golf courses.

However, they are now increasingly used for outdoor events or picnics. Also, they are often vented to prevent being blown away by strong winds.

This article explores the golf umbrella and its importance in the game. Plus I’ll dive into their history, construction, and the different types of golf umbrellas available in the market.

what is a golf umbrella

Golf umbrella- what exactly is it?

Golf umbrellas, also known as golfing umbrellas, are common on golf courses worldwide. These umbrellas are larger and more robust versions of traditional umbrellas. It is designed to provide ample coverage to a golfer and their equipment on the golf course.

However, these umbrellas are larger than standard umbrellas. With a diameter ranging from 60 to 70 inches, providing ample coverage for both the golfer and their equipment.

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What is a golf umbrella used for?

Golf umbrellas are multi-functional accessories that can be used for various purposes beyond golfing. 

  • Provides shelter from the rain during outdoor events, such as weddings or concerts
  • Creating shade while at the beach or park
  • Covers outdoor furniture to protect it from the elements
  • Acting as a prop or accessory for photoshoots
  • Provides a makeshift tent for camping or outdoor sleeping arrangements
  • Acting as a barrier from wind during outdoor cooking or grilling
  • Cover up equipment or machinery in industrial or construction settings
  • Creating a temporary shelter for pets or farm animals
  • Gives shade or shelter for spectators at outdoor sports games or events
  • Perfect for outdoor seating or tables at restaurants or cafes

Types of golf umbrella

Golf umbrellas come in several types depending on their elements. let’s find out!

Types of golf umbrellas based on golf folds

Different types of golf umbrellas are based on how they are folded. According to their folds, there are four types of golf umbrellas:

Three-fold Golf Umbrella

A three-fold golf umbrella has three folds in the shaft, making it easy to fold down. This type of umbrella is ideal for golfers who want a lightweight and portable option.

Four-fold golf umbrella

With four folds in the shaft, they are even more compact and easy to store. A golf bag or backpack can easily fit this type of umbrella into the golf bag.

Straight Shaft Golf Umbrella

It has a single, straight shaft that runs from the handle to the canopy. The design provides stability and is less likely to break in windy conditions.

Reverse Folding Golf Umbrella

In reverse-folding golf umbrellas, the canopy folds inwards instead of outwards. It prevents water droplets from dripping onto the floor or you when you close the umbrella.

Types of golf umbrellas based on the structure

single vs double canopy umbrella

In terms of structure, here are three types of golf umbrellas:

Single Canopy Golf Umbrella

Golf umbrellas with single canopy have a single layer of fabric. This type of umbrella is usually lightweight and easy to maneuver on the golf course. But may not provide as much coverage as other types.

Double canopy golf umbrella

A double-canopy golf umbrella has two layers of fabric that make up the canopy, with the second layer placed over the first. This design allows wind to pass through the umbrella without turning it inside out. It can also provide extra sun protection.

Vented Golf Umbrella

It has small vents or flaps in the canopy that allow wind to pass through. This design can help prevent the umbrella from inverting in high winds. Also, it keeps you cooler in hot weather.

Types of golf umbrellas based on their shape

Golf umbrellas come in different shapes, and some of the common types include:

Square Umbrella

The square canopy of this golf umbrella provides more coverage than a round umbrella. They are often used on the golf course to protect golfers and their equipment from the sun and rain.

Rounded Umbrella

This type of golf umbrella has a rounded shaped canopy that provides full coverage from the rain. It also provides more headroom, making it ideal for tall people.

Types of umbrellas based on their fabrics

There are several types of golf umbrellas based on their fabric, including:

1. Nylon Umbrella: This is the most common type of golf umbrella. It is lightweight, durable, and water-resistant, making it ideal for use on the golf course.

2. Polyester Umbrella:
It is similar to nylon umbrellas, but it is more durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions.

3. Pongee Umbrella:
This umbrella is lightweight and water-resistant, made from a silky material. It is a popular choice for golfers who travel frequently.

4. Microfiber Umbrella:
A soft, lightweight umbrella made of quick-drying, water-resistant material. It is ideal for use on humid or rainy days.

5. UV-Resistant Umbrella:

A special fabric protects from the sun’s UV rays with this type of umbrella. It is ideal for use on sunny days on the golf course.

Why you should buy a golf umbrella?

Well! Previously, I mentioned how important it is in golf to have a golf umbrella. If you are still confused, and there is a question running through your head – why do you need to buy a golf umbrella?

  • Because of their size and unique shape, golf umbrellas are easier to spot in a crowd. It can be helpful if you need to find your group or navigate through a busy area.
  • Golf umbrellas may cost more than a standard umbrella, but they are built to last. A high-quality umbrella will last longer and save you money in the long run.
  • They are larger than standard umbrellas, providing greater coverage from rain or sun.
  • Often, they are made with stronger materials for wind and rain resistance.
  • Golf umbrellas can be used for more than just golfing. They are great for outdoor events, walking the dog, or any activity where you need extra coverage.
  • Several golf umbrellas come in attractive designs and colors, making them a fashion accessory.
  • The handle of a golf umbrella is often designed to be comfortable to grip, even for extended periods of time.
  • It will offer UV protection, shielding you from harmful rays.

Custom golf umbrella – what is that?


A custom golf umbrella is a type of umbrella designed specifically for use on the golf course. Typically, it features a large canopy that provides ample coverage from the sun, rain, or other elements on the golf course.

These umbrellas can be customized with various colors, logos, and designs to reflect the personality and brand of the individual or organization. Furthermore, they are durable and sturdy. Besides, they are able to withstand strong winds and other harsh weather conditions.

Golfers often use custom golf umbrellas to promote their businesses or simply to add a touch of style to their game. Overall, a custom golf umbrella is a practical and stylish accessory that enhances the golfing experience.

What is the cost of a golf umbrella?

The cost of a golf umbrella can vary depending on a few factors, such as the brand, material, size, and design. On average, a basic golf umbrella can cost anywhere from $10 to $30. In most cases, these umbrellas are nylon or polyester and have a solid color or a basic design.

However, if you are looking for a higher-quality golf umbrella, you can expect to pay anywhere from $30 to $100. These umbrellas are typically made of high-grade materials such as fiberglass or carbon fiber for durability, and they often feature unique designs or patterns.

Apart from that, if you are looking for a luxury golf umbrella, you can expect to pay upwards of $100. These umbrellas are often made of premium leather or exotic wood materials. They may include additional features such as automatic opening mechanisms or personalized monograms.

Golf umbrella prices are also subject to seasonal sales and promotional discounts. So, it’s always a good idea to shop around and compare prices before making a purchase.

How to choose the best golf umbrella for you?

The best golf umbrella depends on several factors, such as size, material, durability, and design. Following are some steps you need to take:

Size matters:
Golf umbrellas are typically larger than regular umbrellas, with a diameter of at least 60 inches. A larger umbrella provides more coverage and can protect you and your golf clubs from the rain.

Consider the weight:
The weight of the umbrella is an essential factor to consider, especially if you’ll be carrying it around the golf course. Look for umbrellas that are lightweight and easy to carry.

Material selection:
The material of the umbrella is crucial for its durability. Ensure the umbrella is made from lightweight, flexible, and durable materials like fiberglass.

Take a look at the canopy design:
The umbrella’s canopy design affects its performance in wind and rain. A vented canopy prevents the umbrella from turning inside out. Some umbrellas also feature a double canopy that provides extra protection from the rain.

Check out these additional features:
Some golf umbrellas have additional features such as UV protection, automatic opening, and ergonomic handles. These features can enhance the umbrella’s functionality and make it more comfortable.

Look for a comfortable handle: 

A comfortable handle is essential for a good golf umbrella. Look for handles made from materials such as rubber or foam, which are comfortable to hold and provide a good grip.

Check out the reviews:
Before making a purchase, read reviews from other golfers who have used the umbrella. This can give you an idea of the umbrella’s performance and durability. Considering these factors, you can find the best golf umbrella for your needs and preferences.

FAQs- Frequently asked questions

How do you care for a golf umbrella?

Ensure your golf umbrella is dry after each use and stored in a dry area to keep it in good condition. If it becomes dirty, you can clean it with a mild soap and water solution.

Can you use a golf umbrella for other purposes?

 Golf umbrellas are indeed designed specifically to be used on golf courses. But they can also be used for other purposes. Their large size and durable construction make them useful for providing coverage at outdoor events, such as picnics or concerts.

Are golf umbrellas safe to use?

To avoid injury, make sure to use your golf umbrella responsibly. Keep it away from power lines and other hazards. Also, be mindful of other people and objects in your surroundings when opening and closing them.

Is it possible to find eco-friendly golf umbrellas?

Yes, it is possible to find eco-friendly golf umbrellas. Many companies are now taking steps to reduce the environmental impact of their products, including golf umbrellas. Materials such as bamboo, recycled plastic, and organic cotton are used in eco-friendly golf umbrellas.

Are golf umbrellas allowed on airplanes?

Yes, golf umbrellas are generally allowed on airplanes as part of your carry-on baggage. However, checking with your airline beforehand is always a good idea to confirm their specific policies.

Are golf umbrellas wind-resistant?

Usually, they may not always be wind-resistant. It depends on the specific design and construction of the umbrella. A high-quality golf umbrella will typically have a sturdy frame and canopy made from durable materials, which can help to resist wind gusts.

Are golf umbrellas good for rain or Can you Use them in the rain?

Yes, a golf umbrella can be used in the rain. Golf umbrellas are designed to provide maximum coverage for golfers, protecting them from rain or sun. They are larger than regular umbrellas, with a diameter ranging from 60 to 70 inches. This makes them ideal for use during heavy rains, as they can cover a large area and keep you dry.

Can you use a golf umbrella in heavy storms?

The answer is yes! Golf umbrellas are sturdy and durable, designed to withstand strong winds and heavy rainfall. They are made of high-quality materials, such as fiberglass or graphite shafts, and water-resistant fabrics. So, if you’re looking for a reliable and effective umbrella to use in the rain, a golf umbrella is a great option.

Are golf umbrellas waterproof?

Not all golf umbrellas are waterproof. Some models are waterproof, while others are only water-resistant. If one intends to use the golf umbrella in rainy or wet conditions, check the product specifications.

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