What is a Good Golf Score in Golf 9 Holes? 

what is a good score in golf 9 holes

Generally, a golf score of 45 for 9 holes is considered good for most golfers, especially those new to the sport or still developing their skills. It indicates good navigation skills and consistency. Several factors affect … Read more

What Is a Good Score in Golf?

What Is a Good Score in Golf

Well, a good golf score for amateurs typically ranges in the low 80s, while beginners aim for scores under 130 for 18 holes. Novices focus on learning fundamentals and enjoying the game. As skills improve, shooting … Read more

How Long Do Golf Tournaments Last?

golf tournament picture

Well, golf tournaments typically last several days, usually 4 to 5 days. Each round typically lasts four to five hours, with players completing 18 holes. The duration depends on the tournament format and the number of … Read more

What Is a High Handicap Golfer?

What Is a High Handicap Golfer?

A high-handicap golfer typically has a handicap between 19 and 29. This signals a developing skill level. It results in scores around 90 to 100. Players with a low handicap are better. Here, I will explain … Read more

What Is A Mid Handicapper?

what is a mid handicapper

A mid-handicapper in golf has a handicap index ranging from 10 to 20. At this skill level has progressed beyond the beginner stage but is far from being a scratch golfer. They can hit shots that … Read more

graphite vs steel shaft- Choose the best one for irons

graphite vs steel shaft

Graphite and steel shafts differ in composition, weight, flexibility, feel, and performance. Lightweight graphite shafts allow for more incredible swing speeds and distances. Also, they’re flexible, dampen vibrations, and promote higher ball trajectories. Conversely, steel shafts … Read more

Stiff vs Regular Flex: How Do They Differ?

Stiff vs Regular Flex featured image

The difference between stiff and regular flex in swing speed. Stiff is suitable for fast swings, while regular is good for moderate swings. Stiff flex shafts offer less flexibility and increase control and accuracy at higher … Read more

What Is A Good Handicap In Golf?

fetured image of What-Is-A-Good-Handicap

A good handicap is often in the single digits (1 to 9), indicating consistent and skilled play. But, what’s deemed “good” can vary based on individual perspectives. The USGA averages are 14 for men and 28 … Read more

Project X 6.5 Shaft Review

project x shaft featured photo

This is Project X 6.5 Shaft Review. A revolutionary shaft, the Project X 6.5 delivers a solid feel and low spin. With flex options suitable to diverse swings, it’s a versatile choice. In long approaches, faster … Read more