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Ping Alta CB 55 Shaft Review

This is Ping Alta CB 55 Shaft Review.

I am eager to share why the Ping Alta CB 55 is worth considering. In my years of course experience, I have tried various equipment. But the Alta CB 55 truly stood out.

Based on my experience, the Ping Alta CB 55 shaft is a performance enhancer.

As my swing evolved, I adjusted the shaft to suit my changing needs. Surprisingly, it withstood rigorous play without showing signs of wear.

This shaft is especially for mid-handicappers.

As we go a little further, I’ll show you its unique features & how those will benefit you.

Ping Alta CB 55 Shaft 

Ping Alta CB 55 Shaft Review

The Ping Alta CB 55 shaft is a graphite and composite counterbalanced golf shaft designed for drivers. Typically, game improvement drivers have weightier club heads, so a counterbalanced shaft helps offset their weight.

It is specially designed and tested for G425 Max drivers. With this driver, the Ping Alta CB 55 delivers a controlled feel throughout the swing. A stouter butt and stiffer tip section increase control compared to 55g shafts.

Despite its weight, the Ping Alta CB 55 provides a smooth swing feel. Testers reported achieving good club head speed and feeling able to swing even faster.

Also, it has a low torque rating of 3.5 degrees, contributing to stability. The high launch angle balances distance with control.

With its forgiving nature and ability to maximize your play.

Why Is It a Good Choice?

The Ping Alta CB 55 shaft is a good choice, especially for mid-handicap golfers. Its unique design and customizable features allow it to provide distance, control, and forgiveness.

A lightweight, high-quality shaft is also an excellent choice for golfers looking for a reliable shaft. Furthermore, it offers a lot of features at a very reasonable price.

Ping Alta CB 55 Shaft Specs

Shaft TypeGraphite
Flex OptionsRegular, Stiff, Extra Stiff
Weight Range55 grams
Torque Range5.9–4.2 degrees, depending on flex
Launch Angle RangeHigh to low-mid
Tip Diameter0.355 inches
Available FlexesRegular, Stiff, Extra Stiff
Length OptionsStandard
Butt Diameter0.58″ or 0.60″
Compatible ModelsPing G400, G410, G425 clubs
Recommended PlayersMid-handicap
MaterialGraphite and composite
Kick PointMid


CB 55 is made of graphite, lighter than steel, bringing flexibility to the party. It’s the superhero cape for your driver.

Graphite is strong enough to withstand the force of a mighty swing but light enough to let it fly freely. It’s the best choice for golfers looking for speed and power.


It is easily controlled, smooth, and weighs 55 grams. The weight is perfectly balanced between the handle and the swing. This allows for a smooth, controlled swing that can be quickly adjusted to suit any situation. It’s the perfect tool for any aspiring disc golfer.


It’s tough to beat the Ping Alta CB 55 shaft regarding consistency. This golf ball delivers a reliable performance, giving you that sweet predictability every golfer craves.


It has an exceptional feel. You will have cleaner, more powerful strikes because they feel just the right amount of information to your hands during the swing.


Customizing this club to meet your needs and style preferences is possible. You can customize it to your exact specifications. It’s easy to adjust the weight, shaft stiffness, and grip size.

Durability and Longevity

This isn’t just a one-season wonder for Alta CB 55. It’s built to endure round after round without breaking a sweat. After countless swings, it shows no signs of wear.

Kick Point and Launch

Mid-high kick point, about three-quarters up the shaft. It’s the energy maestro, ensuring a smooth transfer during the downswing—max launch angle for max distance.


A low spin and high launch angle are the key characteristics of the Ping Alta CB 55 Slate shaft. This dynamic combination maximizes distance and accuracy. From the tee or fairway, it allows golfers to achieve longer and straighter shots.



There is a subtle Ping logo near the shaft’s grip, which adds to the sleek matte black finish of the shaft. For golfers who prefer a classic and sophisticated look, this understated design will fit their style.

Alta CB Shaft Option:

Ping Alta CB 55 Regular Flex:

Ping Alta CB 55 shaft has a regular flex explicitly designed for golfers who swing 85-95 mph.

Its perfect launch angle and distance balance provide a medium ball flight with reduced spin. For those who maintain a smoother and controlled swing, accuracy is ideal.

Ping Alta CB 55 Stiff Flex:

Slightly lower launch than the regular flex, the Alta CB 55 shaft’s stiff flex is designed for 90-100 mph swing speeds. With less spin, it promotes longer shots while still maintaining control.

This option provides the necessary balance between distance and precision for players who generate more clubhead speed.

Ping Alta CB 55 Extra Stiff Flex:

With extra stiff flex, this model minimizes give during powerful swings. It produces shallow ball flight, minimal spin, and maximum carry.

This option offers incredible distance potential, especially for those with faster swings.

Ping Alta CB 55

Which Flexes Are Available And On What Speeds Do They Work?

In the 55g weight, the Ping Alta CB 55 shaft is available in a regular flex. This flex suits players with driver swing speeds ranging from 70 to 85 MPH.

Which weights Are Available And On What Speeds Do They Work?

Ping Alta CB 55 shaft weighs 55 grams, making it a lightweight option. This weight is especially suitable for golfers with 60-75 mph swing speeds.

Alta CB 55 and Other Similar Models

By identifying these alternatives, you can fine-tune their club selection based on individual preferences, swing styles, and playing characteristics. When choosing, be sure to consider launch, spin, and trajectory.

  • Ping Alta CB 70 Shaft: Heavier than the Alta CB 55. It could offer a different feel and performance, catering to specific golfer preferences.
  • Alta JCB Shaft: This model might introduce variations in kick point or feel compared to the Alta CB 55.
  • Alta CB AWT Graphite Shaft: The graphite material may play differently, and the AWT may define its performance characteristics.
  • Alta CB Slate Shaft: An alternative in the Alta series, potentially offering unique characteristics or specifications.
  • Alta Quick 45 Shaft: With a lower weight, this shaft might suit those seeking increased swing speed and distance.

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What does 55 mean on the golf shaft?

In golf shafts, “55” typically refers to the weight of the shaft, precisely 55 grams. The letter “S” signifies stiff flex.

Is graphite better than steel shafts?

With slower swing speeds should prefer graphite shafts, as they enhance clubhead speed and distance.

In contrast, steel shafts are heavier and stiffer, providing better control and stability. It depends on the player’s preferences and swing characteristics.

Should I buy Ping CB 55?

The Alta CB 55 is suitable if you have a moderate swing speed, value a mid trajectory, good stability, and consistency.

Who Makes Ping Alta Shafts?

Ping Alta Shafts is made by Aldila.

What does CB mean on the golf shaft?

CB means Counter Balanced


The Ping Alta CB 55 shaft is a versatile and reliable, with its counterbalanced design and mid-kick point.

It excels in consistent performance, smooth feel, and durability. With its weight, torque, and kick point, the shaft optimizes launch angles and spin rates.

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