How To Get A Golf Handicap – An Easy Guide

How To Get A Golf Handicap

To get a golf handicap, join a golf club or use online platforms. Online platforms offer free or freemium handicapping services, and clubs provide official handicapping services. Alternatively, participate in community events or use public courses. … Read more

How Often Should You Shoot Your Handicap?

How Often Should You Shoot Your Handicap

According to the USGA Handicap Research Team, golfers shoot their handicap or better approximately 25% of the time. However, this figure varies based on skill level and competition format. Players with better handicaps achieve their handicaps … Read more

How to Calculate a Golf Handicap [Easy Guide]

How to Calculate a Golf Handicap

To calculate your golf handicap: Finally, It gives you a fair measure of your golf skills. However, with a complex scoring system, golf allows players of varying abilities to compete against one another fairly and evenly. … Read more

What Is The Average Golf Handicap?

What Is Average Golf Handicap

According to the USGA, the average American golfer has a handicap between 14 and 16. It provides a glimpse into the skill level of golfers. Not all golfers use a handicap system, especially those who consistently … Read more

Signs You Need a Stiffer Shaft – Ultimate Guide

Signs You Need a Stiffer Shaft

A golf club’s shaft is responsible for transferring energy from your swing to the ball, and if it’s too flexible or stiff, it can affect your shot’s accuracy, distance, and trajectory. If you’re experiencing inconsistent shots, … Read more

Golf Shafts: Do They Wear Out?

Do Golf Shafts Wear Out

Many golfers wonder if golf shafts wear out over time and if they need to be replaced. The answer is yes, golf shafts can wear out over time, depending on a variety of factors such as … Read more

How Are Golf Club Shafts Made

how are golf shafts made

So you’re curious about how those sleek, lightweight golf shafts are made? Well, wonder no more! In this article, we’ll take a behind-the-scenes look at the intriguing process of creating golf shafts. From the initial selection … Read more